Day trip to Cuttyhunk

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I grew up camping in Westport Mass, and from its beaches I could see the small island of Cuttyhunk. Honestly, I’d always thought it contained nothing more than a few weather worn shacks and assumed anyone who lived there year round might be of the old surly sailor type persuasion. My folks asked Dave and I to wake up at 4am last Sunday, so that we all might venture down to Westport, to find out if my childhood daydreams had any bit of truth to them. Im really glad we went. I really love New England, and especially the New England coast in all its weathered wood shingle cottage glory. We started the trip off with some fishing, all the small guys were biting of course, but we did end up with some good eats for my dad. Made our way around the island to its harbor and docked up. The 3 little boys in the tiny sail boat killed me, just reminded me of a simpler life, with less worries. We walked around the island and found out most of the residents get around with golf carts, just probably not in the winter time. I was told only about 15 people live there year round. It was nice to be reminded there are still places that are just quiet….and beautiful, and peaceful and not so far from me. Places where you want to get hold of someone you leave a note on their car. We’ll definitely be back. Til next time Cuttyhunk.












  • Natalia

    Oh how I would have loved to be on that little trip with all of you! Glad I could live it through your gorgeous photos. xoxo