Grand Canyon: The first look

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What a moment, our first look. We had driven all day thru red rocks and cactuses (hardly a hardship), then there we were about to have our first look at the Grand Canyon. All I kept thinking was when the original pioneers were out pioneering and stumbled upon this mammoth canyon, they were probably just as awestruck as Dave and I were. And after that initial bout of wonderment, they probably thought to themselves “How the hell are we gonna get across this thing”!??!?! We spent two days at the canyon. At night camping I heard coyotes howling, at first it sounds like human laugher and then transforms into their distinctive howl. Very weird, very wonderful. We were also fortunate enough to be there on the night of a blue moon. I’ll post some photos from that night next.



  • Natalia

    oh my goodness! they say you can’t capture the magnificence of the grand canyon in photos. well, you proved them wrong! what a gorgeous collection!

  • Joe

    These amazeballs photos make me want to go back SO BAD!