Miss Caroline

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This time of year I suppose one’s thoughts cannot help but think about the future and all the adventures a new year has in store. Reflecting upon this year I think about all the people who’s lives changed with the arrival of a new little bundle of joy and also about the people no longer with us. Earlier this year I lost my Nanny, and missed seeing her at Christmas dinner (she always made sure black olives were set out for me, I LOVE them), but as I looked around the table I thought about the evolution of my family and others families and all the new faces that were now with us, and how… thats just life…forever changing. My session with Miss Caroline a few weeks ago reminded me again that change can be good, and awesome and exciting. I couldn’t be happier for the little family she helped create.  I hope everyone has an amazing 2013.



  • Jack

    Thanks Addie,
    The pictures are all so beautiful! We will need to have you come up once a month, she is growing so fast!
    You are the best! Everyone loved the picture you took for our Christmas card.
    Lots of love