A Return to Yosemite

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When I was a child my parents took me and my sister to Yosemite National Park.  I only have a handful of memories from that trip……one being that on the 4 hour drive to the park my mom let me and my sister roam the back seat of the car WITHOUT seat belts.  Yup, we built forts and spent alot of time on the floor, but we didnt fuss or fight, so in my mom’s eyes she’d done right and I dont blame her one bit as we were pretty young and thats one long drive. The other memory I have is taking a trail ride on horses through the forrest and having my horse tethered to the horse in front of me (I was pretty bummed on having to be tethered…my young self thought I was way more capable than I was). I also remember the giant pinecones and the huge trees that had big holes that you could drive your car through. It was really nice to relive these memories with my husband Dave and most importantly make new ones. Nothing in the park struck me quite like seeing the Giant Sequoias. On the second day of the trip we went to the Mariposa Grove, and I dont know if was the lack of sleep, or the dirt from the road kicking up into my eyes on the tram ride…..but I got a little weepy. Something about those old trees, and thinking about all they have lived through and all the people that felt like I did when they saw them too, hit me hard, but in a totally excellent way. I look forward to when I get to show my kids this amazing place.



  • Kristin


    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I love them all.