Billy Boy

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Billy is a little duckling that I’ve been waiting to meet for some time, and it was LOVE as soon as I set eyes on that fuzzy blonde head and wide eyes. If you think in some way you could be resistent to Billy’sĀ undeniableĀ cuteness, then you’d be a goner once you caught wind of his shining happy personality. This kid is all smiles and squirms. On the brink of crawling; I watched him wiggle about for a few hours one afternoon with my heart full of joy. His parents are some wonderful folks, who made an equally wonderful son. These pictures make me happy.



  • Jeff Graham


    These are absolutely amazing photo’s of Billy. What a cutie! I love all the pictures, but my favorites are the “Eyes Wide Open” black and white shot, and the “Foot in the Mouth” because that was my favorite Billy move this past weekend!

    “Nutty” Uncle Jeff