Stefanie + Kyle – At Home / Arnold Arboretum

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I really like starting off shoots in people’s homes, so when Kyle and Stef proposed the idea, I was all in. I feel it really helps to give that sense of the couples home life (listening to records in their music room), their interests (hanging out with their sweet dog named Rilo and sipping champagne), and what they do for fun (scooting around town on their awesome Schwinn motor bike).  Kyle and Stef have a great sense of style, and I am really excited to see how that style comes thru on their wedding day.  After a lot of fun at the house, we made out way down to the Arnold Arboretum to take in the greenery. All the plants in the arboretum have ID tags on them, so used them as an opportunity for a sweet little ring shot.  I really loved the shots of them under the trees, the leaves made such pretty patterns. We had a very lovely afternoon together and I am very much looking forward to their wedding in August.

















  • Sharon

    Really beautiful pictures, just loves them all.

  • Hanna Rue

    Fantastic pics! My favorite is the family photo with champagne and Rilo. Can’t wait until the Big Day!