Natalia – Portrait Session

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Natalia is not one of my oldest friends, she is my oldest friend. Our mothers were best friends growing up, so when I was born in Nov 1980, and she was born in Feb 1981, it had been prearranged that we would have deep and long friendship too. We’ve seen each other thru various life transitions, milestones, good times, not so good times, ridiculous times, etc….so she knows me well. Nothing can really replace that feeling of history between 2 people, its something I value in our friendship very much. Natalia is awesome for many reasons, but just a few I’ll share. Natalia thinks I’m really funny, you can image what this does for my ego. She has the loudest most crazy laugh you will ever hear on anyone. It rules. She’s also one of the most non judgmental people I know. If I want to fly my freak flag for the day and act like a lunatic she is cool with it, if I want to eat an entire cheese pizza (she knowing full well I have a dairy issue, and her being a raw food chef) she says “YUM” ! In a world were so many people think they know better than you, she never makes me feel that way (thou she so totally does know better than me!). She is encouraging and compassionate, two qualities that have aided her well on her path to becoming a Shaman. At our portrait session I asked her to make some of her “circle thingys” that she does (mandalas) as offerings to our nature spirit friends. She told me they serve as a thank you to our earth, an offering of appreciation.















  • sarah botham

    these are amazing! you can tell that you love her from the photographs. i think that’s what makes a portrait really special- when the photograph describes the space between two people. nice work, lady!

  • Natalia

    I will treasure these photos (and you, of course) forever!! Thank you SO much, Addie!! Love Love Love!!!